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Young Numismatists Program

The Young Numismatists Program (YNP) is a great way to get kids interested in collecting coins. The program encourages youngsters to collect coins by providing a free Lincoln coin album and access to free Lincoln cents. The youngsters then search for missing coins in their album by searching through the jars of Lincoln cents provided.

Also, the program provides world coins to the youngster. They are taught to search for more information about the coins in the books available during the event. Once kids can identify the country, the coin is theirs to keep.

Coins for A's another program from the American Numismatic Association that the Heartland Coin Club sponsors:

The Young Numismatists Program is only present at the two Heartland Coin Shows.

"Coin for Kids," is another local program, is sponsored by the San Diego County Inter-Club Numismatic Council and supported by the Heartland Coin Club.

For further information, please contact us by emailing us atĀ YNP@HeartlandCoinClub.com or call us at (619) 261-3610.